The Permanent Makeup (micro-pigmentation) and Microblading industry has exploded in recent years and is becoming an increasingly popular beauty trend across the globe.

Both procedures work by enhancing facial features through the insertion of coloured pigment in the upper layers of the skin to achieve naturally enhanced eyebrows, eyes and lips. As with any artistic skill, the results are determined by the technicians skill and expertise and so choosing the right technician is imperative.

The process starts with the technician having a consultation with each client, to understand their desired outcome. The design is then drawn out and shown to the client to make sure they are happy before the treatment begins.

Procedures can take around 2 to 3 hours and numbing cream is applied to make the treatment more comfortable. A touch up session will be required 6 to 12 weeks following the initial treatment, to work on areas that may have healed unevenly.

The longevity of the designs vary from person to person and can last between 2-5 years following good after care. Top up treatments every 12-18 months are essential to maintain the look and colour.