Permanent makeup results look considerably darker immediately after the procedure is carried out, the colour then gradually softens once healed. A repeat procedure is required between 4-12 weeks after the initial treatment, to ensure that optimum results are achieved (this is included in the price).


Lash Liner

Having lash liner is the perfect way to enhance the eyelashes naturally and discreetly and bring out the natural beauty of the eyes. The treatment can make a huge difference for people with sparse or no eyelashes and for people who have difficulty applying eyeliner. It is also ideal for people with allergies to makeup or pollen.

Despite what most people think, the procedure is the fastest and most painless out of the three as colour is simply applied along the lash line.

Brow Enhancement

Eyebrows frame the eyes and are an important facial feature. Nicely shaped eyebrows can transform the entire face and can make a tremendous difference to a woman’s overall appearance. The look of having fuller eyebrows is becoming increasingly popular today and permanent makeup is the ideal way to achieve that look with out the daily application of makeup.

Eyebrows are naturally enhanced using delicate hair strokes that mimic the existing flow of hair, filling in sparse areas and giving a nice even shape that works harmoniously with the rest of the face. Once the colour has been chosen, a template that works in line with the natural shape of the brow is drawn and the treatment begins once the client is happy with the design.



Lip Blush

As we age, we lose the natural blush tones of our lips and they start to appear thinner than they actually are. Permanent Makeup can add the colour back in and give definition to accentuate the lips. Lips are enhanced with a lip-stain look, redefining your natural lip boarder and giving the illusion of fullness.

There is a large selection of colours to choose from, ranging from subtle natural tones to slightly more intense and drastic shades. Once the colour has been chosen and the client is happy with the template drawn, colour is applied from the border of the lips and gradually faded out towards the inner part of the lips.